Specializing in pre-visualization to generate a number of designs to help refine your vision. Once a direction has been reached I help deliver a finished sculpture or digital painting.

  1. ⥀ Quick 3D Sculptures 
  2. ⥀ 3D/2D Hybrid Work 
  3. ⥀ Finished Concept Maquettes 


Once a design is finished I can help to deliver a polished, detailed 3D sculpture to be used further in the production process.

  1. ⥀ T-Pose high-poly 3D sculptures. 
  2. ⥀ Ready for production pipelines and optimization. 
  3. ⥀ Finished, posed, and detailed models.


Create fully rendered stills for commercial animation and design productions to help communicate direction to clients.

  1. ⥀ Help guide the design process from rough concept to polished frames in a modern 3D pipeline. 

  2. ⥀ Scene set up, optimization, and arrangement for animation. 

  3. ⥀ Character animation pre-vis utilizing motion capture. 


Help prepare digital 3D assets to be turned into real world objects.

  1. ⥀ Mesh clean up and preparation for printing.
  2. ⥀ Create watertight and printable 3D assets. 
  3. ⥀ Keying and slicing of objects. 


Experienced giving technical demos, presentations, and one-on-one training.

  1. ⥀ Technical demos of workflow and live art demonstrations. 

  2. ⥀ Live VR performance and training. 

  3. ⥀ Industry talks, panels, and consultations for companies and individuals.

Past presentations with: Google, Siggraph, Facebook, Adobe, Maxon, FormLabs, Oculus, Lightbox Expo, CTN, NAB, Nvidia, and more.